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Kanye West as Cosmic Body Products

A few months ago, we shared ifCosmic Body Products were Rihanna Outfits. We had so much fun and such positive feedback from this piece, we thought it was right to do the same with Ye himself, Mr. Kanye West.

Vital Smile 

Image via Daily Mail, April 2019

Kanye dawns lavender from head-to-toe in this monochrome Yeezy ensemble. Performing his Sunday Service at Coachella, 2019, the rapper shared his gospel truth with a crowd of 50,000 at the early morning show. If ourVital Smile had to choose a look to take to church, we think this would be it!

High Vibrations 

Image via Fashion Bomb Daily, November 2013

We’re loving the vibrancy of this relaxed look. Both ourHigh Vibrations Skin Mist and this Balmain hoodie have wake-me-up and seize the day, kinda vibes!

6-in-1 Miracle

Image via Upscale Hype, December 2015

Okay, so this is technically a gym outfit, but we’re all about gym clothes at Cosmic Body. Just like how our6-in-1 Miracle is incredibly versatile, so is this look. 

Clean & Sheen

Photo via High Snobiety, 2005

This is old-era Kanye, but the man is delivering! This muted mauve look is E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Worn to theArtist Empowerment Coalition Pre-Grammy Brunch, the combo of this velvet smoking jacket and turtleneck makes for a winning combination. If ourClean & Sheen Tooth Powder had to walk the red carpet, we like to think it would look something like this. 

Longer & Stronger

Image via GQ, August 2014

Effortlessly cool, it’s well established that Kanye can work the camera! If you’re using ourLonger & Stronger Hair Oil, we think you’ll feel the same about your look!

Lavender Lemon Oasis

Image via Elite Daily, November 2016

Okay, okay, this is another favorite for sure! Can we agree that this is what ourCoconut Skin Melt would look like if brought to life? 

Everything for Everyone

Image via Nice Kicks, September, 2019

OurEverything for Everyone Balm is TSA-travel-size approved, perfect those on the go! West looks like he’s on the go himself with this simple purple hoodie and his signature Yeezy sneakers. We think his look would be complete if he were carrying our Everything for Everyone Balm!

Vital Woman

Image via Time, December, 2010

Kanye’s look is straight fire, just like ourVital Woman Serum. Ye channeled his inner God with this showstopping look at his 2010 BET Awards performance. In this performance, Ye literally came out of a volcano… did we already mention this look was fire?

Flower of Love

Image via Daily Mail, April, 2019

Okay, okay, we are obsessed with both this product and this look! I mean, could Kanye be channeling ourFlower of Love Skin Mist any more? We love that the Yeezy sweatshirt Ye is rocking says “Holy Spirit”, and think it aligns perfectly with the inspiration for this product: pure and simple love!

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