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A Trifecta of Oral Care

Most tooth powders are focused on one of three primary active agents;

  • Activated charcoal as a powerful brightening agent.
  • Herbal powders to cleanse the microbiome and eliminate toxins.
  • Clays to remove debris from the teeth as a friction agent.

Clean & Sheen Tooth & Gum Powder incorporates a powerful blend of all three of these core tenants into one efficient and exceptional product. 

Heal Irritation, Abrasions & Stabilize Mouth Flora

The restorative combination of white oak bark, bayberry leaf, and clove powder contained in our tooth powder is a time-tested herbal blend used to extract toxins and venoms. 

Satisfying 100% Natural Sweetness

Mildly sweet mint peppermint from Harris Family Farm, with earthy cocoa, and a blend of active herbs make for a lightly sweet & earthy mint taste that leaves your breath smelling pristine.

Gum Packing

Pack it around your gums for 3-4 minutes before brushing, or leave it while you take a shower or go to sleep to get the most potent healing effect for your mouth and gums. Clean & Sheen is completely safe to let dissolve in your mouth and swallow, or you can simply swish it out with water.