6-in-1 Miracle Cleansing Oil & Moisturizer Mini

6-in-1 Miracle Cleansing Oil & Moisturizer Mini

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Cleansing Oil & Moisturizer - 1.95oz/55.5g

This miraculous oil takes the place of numerous beauty productsIt can: 

  • Cleanse the skin using the Oil Cleansing Method. 
  • Remove dirt, sweat, makeup and other debris without the need for harsh cleansers
  • Be used as a nightly hydrating moisturizer
  • Can be used in place of most creams and serums
  • Be used as a makeup primer, readying the skin and creating a clean, ingredients based barrier between the skin and makeup. Implementing a dewy glow under foundation without greasy residue
  • Serve as a natural solution for all skin types, including sensitive, dry, oily and combination skin

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★ Jojoba Oil ★ Almond Oil ★ Olive Oil ★  Avocado Oil ★ Grape Seed Oil ★ Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil ★ Sweet Orange Essential Oil ★

Cosmic Body Skincare 6-in-1 Cleansing and Moisturizing Oil

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Cruelty free & made in the USA with 100% pure and renewable ingredients.