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The Love Bundle

This duo includes:

Vital Woman 4-in-1 Women's Health Serum - 3.9oz/110g

Vital woman was created to provide an all natural solution for women’s reproductive health. Made by real women and tested on real women thanks to local Midwifery clinics. This all in one formula can:

  • Stabilize yoni / vaginal flora
  • Prevent tearing of the perineum in childbirth
  • Facilitate yoni hydration for women of all ages
  • Improve hydration & help ease the discomfort of dryness, especially during menopause
  • Be used for breast massage
  • Ideal for fine tissue massage (including armpits, under eyes and as an all over firming body oil)

Exotic natural rose scent derived from natural essential oils.

*Not recommended as a lubricant. We are currently testing lubricants with the intention of launching a formula in 2020

Flower of Love Skin Mist - 4.7oz/134g

Inspired by the flower of life and all that ever was and is, this formula bridges the romance of the rose with the invigorating and refreshing properties of lemon.

  • 100% pure facial toner
  • Free from alcohol, witch hazel and other inflammatory fillers
  • Lemon essential oil brightens skin
  • Pure alkaline water and rose essential oil refreshes the senses
  • Purifies air in personal space and throughout the room