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Everything for Everyone Face & Body Balm

Face & Body Balm- 2.2oz/62.3g

This all-in-one unisex formula contains only seven simple ingredients that assists with an entire list of self care needs. Can be used for the following purposes:

  • Face: use as a lip balm and face cream alternative
  • Body: use for dry skin patches, heels, shoulders, sore nipples. Can also be used as a lotion alternative to improve skin elasticity and reduce stretch marks (thanks to cocoa butter)
  • Babies & Kids: use as a diaper balm, lotion alternative and as a small wound stick

Our jojoba oil and plantain leaf infusion makes this formula ideal for assistance withsmall cuts, stings and bruises.The easy to apply stick formatmakes it easy for the whole family to use. TSAtravel approvedsize. 

Everything Inside

★ Jojoba Seed Oil ★ Olive Oil ★ Cocoa Seed Butter ★ Beeswax ★ Coconut Oil ★ Grape Seed Oil ★ Plantain Leaf ★

Everything 👏 for 👏Everyone 👏 Say It Again

It does it all. Lip Balm, face cream, extra dry skin, minor cuts, bruises & stings, skin elasticity, stretch marks, nipple balm, diaper balm, lotion alternative for kids- heck, they can even eat a little bit and you don't have to sweat it. It's TSA approved travel size so you can carry one balm in your bag for everyone and so many uses.

Sweet Chocolatey Balm With No Artificial Fragrance

We really aren't encouraging you to eat it... but we can't say you won't be tempted. Made with real cocoa butter to create a smooth, soft, and replenishing multipurpose balm. 100% Natural ingredients. No fillers.

Compressed Oil For Extra Dry Skin

For severely dry skin you should be using a compressed oil/butter like this instead of an emulsified (liquidy) oil that can just dry you out more.

First Aid

For minor cuts, scrapes, bruises & stings we recommend that you wash the wound with apple cider vinegar to disinfect, apply Everything for Everyone, and put on a Band-Aid.

In-House Long Suspension Oil Infusion

A primary ingredient in Everything for Everyone is jojoba oil infused with plantain leaf (a gentle soothing expectorant with mild astringent effects). We let the plantain leaf sit in the oil for soaking up sun rays and strongly infusing into the product.

Steel Family Farms Beeswax

We buy the raw beeswax which we use as a heartening agent from a local farm literally right down the street from our factory in Eagle, ID and sun-filter out the moisture ourselves.

How To Use It

Apply generously and gently massage until completely absorbed. Repeat as often as needed.

Use on lips, nips, bellies, bums, thighs, stretch marks, sores, bruises, small cuts, cracked heels, cuticles, nail beds, elbows, knees, calves and anywhere else a wealth of health is to be had!

Cosmic Body Natural Skincare Products Everything for Everyone Face and Body Balm

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