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★ New ★ Galaxy Candy

A nourishing and indulgent treat for your body, hair, and face. 100% natural with vanilla oleoresins and sweet orange essential oils. Sprayable magic. It's like an orange cream popsicle for your senses. 🦄

For the nerds, rebels, & trailblazers.

  • 100% Natural Regenerative Ingredients

  • Woman Owned Family Operated

  • All Skin Types & Ages

  • Cruelty Free

  • Solution Focused

    Some people ask for the “full” ingredients list when they see our formulas... We’d like to take this chance to assure you, that’s it! Truly natural, sustainably sourced, renewable ingredients. Potent results.

    What do you love about Cosmic Body?

    Global Village

    In a world where products are frequently designed in penthouses and manufactured a world away, we are proud to design, manufacture, service, and ship from our single facility in Idaho, USA. Dedicated to doing right by your body and our planet, we are continuously building relationships with small family and local community farms around the world, fostering tangible economic growth and diversity. From the United States to Pakistan to the Philippines, we are one of the few companies that know the land and people growing our raw materials. Cosmic Body products are primarily sold in glass because you can recycle or reuse it.

    The beauty industry has mislead us.

    Over-cleansing, patch-over creams, and damaging ingredients have stripped & burned our bodies natural flora & healing powers.

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