the product of
a lifelong dream

from the founder

That’s when I found oil cleansing. 

Oil cleansing works by deeply nourishing the skin and natural microbiome instead of stripping the skin with fillers and chemicals. Within two weeks, my breakouts stopped happening. My chronic dryness subsided. The yo-yo effect was gone. My skin became consistent. Clean. Radiant.

People were asking me what I was doing differently. Soon, I was hooked on using cold-pressed oils and essential oils for everything! I got into hair oiling, yoni oiling and all kinds of other life-changing, ancient forms of self-care. Not only was I looking and feeling great, I also had assurance my consumer behavior was causing less harm and waste for my precious planet. 

Cosmic Body Natural Skincare Products Formula Lab

Why Cosmic Body??

*Most of our products are multi-purpose, offering a wide scope of uses and guaranteed to provide similar or better results than their conventional mass-market counterparts.

*Everything is formulated and made at our factory in Eagle, Idaho, USA. 

*We formulate with 100% pure and renewable ingredients. Many of our ingredient relationships are direct to farm, ensuring a transparent supply chain and a focus on supporting regenerative farming and local communities. Unlike most companies who utilize essential oils, we go the extra mile to use only sustainably grown plants, which means you won't find us using ingredients like sandalwood where a 30 year old tree is chopped down to make a bottle of oil. We focus on using plants that grow abundantly and quickly in nature, or oils like orange oil where the fruit and peels can be used for production instead of taking the life of the tree itself.

*Cosmic Body products are primarily sold in glass because you can recycle or reuse it. If you can’t, eventually it will break in the landfill and crush into sand.