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Tooth & Gum Bundle

Feel healthy and supported.

Symbiotic to your body's natural microbiome.

Ethically sourced, powerful, 100% natural ingredients.

Clean & whiten teeth, nourish your gums, and get long-lasting fresh breath 100% naturally!


Get both products with a bundled discount!


Contains 1 each full-size:

Vital Smile 4-in-1 Tooth & Gum Elixer - 3.9oz/110g

This 4-in-1 Tooth & Gum Elixer can be used as an oil pulling elixer, or mouthwash alternativeThis single formula can:

  • Effectively kill impurities thanks to rosemary and peppermint oils
  • Improve breath with sweet cinnamon & refreshing peppermint oil
  • Strengthen teeth & gums through the oil pulling process
  • Boost overall oral health for a healthy, clean smile

*These statements are not regulated by the American Dental Association, however oil pulling is a centuries old technique that has proven itself to be a successful addition to most oral care routines.

Clean & Sheen 4-in-1 Tooth & Gum Powder - 2.6oz/73g

Finally, a tooth powder that does it all and tastes great! This 4-in-1 tooth powder stands apart from the crowd through its many unique ingredients and uses, aiding in long term mouth restoration in addition to providing daily care

  • Natural clays and cacao powder polish teeth
  • Activated charcoal and turmeric helps to naturally brighten smile 
  • White oak bark, bayberry leaf and clove powder removes toxins from the gums and helps to protect against gum bacteria

Peppermint leaf, peppermint oil and cinnamon powder freshens breath