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Acne Treatment Value Bundle

This bundle works to reduce acne and skin inflammation while nourishing, balancing, and hydrating the skin. Sensitive Human and Drops of Neptune will not only combat existing acne but will prevent recurrence as both of these products have 100% natural and non-toxic ingredients like Jojoba oil that will heal the skin and normalize oil production without stripping the skin’s natural barrier and good bacteria. With long-term use, you will notice calmer, clearer, and glowingly soft skin.


Jojoba Oil, Blue German Chamomile Flower Oil, Frankincense Oil , Lavender Flower Oil, Tea Tree Leaf Oil, Nettle Extract, Basil Oil, Immortelle Flower Oil
How to Use 

Healthy skin is beautiful skin. Here’s how we achieve that: 


We recommend oil cleansing nightly with Sensitive Human. The process is as simple as:

★ Massage 2-4 pumps (or as needed) of oil all over your face. It is recommended to massage oil into the skin for at least 60 sec.

★ Wipe off with a warm, damp washcloth 

We recommend repeating steps 1-2 in order to remove all traces of makeup and dirt, in order to achieve a deep, nourishing clean. 

After your face is cleansed: 

★ Using Drops of Neptune, simply spot-treat by applying directly on acne, blemishes, & problem areas as needed. 


Purify your pores overnight and see results by morning! You’ll wake up with a visibly noticeable difference. You can even wear Drops of Neptune during the day, and underneath makeup to soothe and calm problem skin. 


Sensitive Human 

3.9 fl oz / 110 g 

Drops of Neptune 

0.3 fl oz / 10 ml 

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