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Galaxy Candy Sprayable Face, Body & Hair Oil

  • 100% natural, sweet-as-candy body oil
  • Smells like an orange cream popsicle (seriously, it smells delicious).
  • Can be sprayed directly on the body, or used on the hair and face.  
  • Feels light and soft on your skin. 
  • Leaves skin feeling clean, nourished, and silky smooth.
  • Has an intoxicating bright, sweet, and uplifting aroma. Without being saccharine. 

Shake before use! This oil contains natural vanilla oleoresins which will separate and sink to the bottom of the bottle. Shake them up to see the swirling galaxy inside.


jojoba (simmondsia chinensis) oil, sweet almond (prunus Amygdalus Dulcis) Oil, Vanilla Bean (Planifolia) Oleoresin, Sweet Orange (Citrus Sinensis) Essential Oil



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Clean & Complete Full-Body Moisturizer

You can use this one product for so many things with results you will feel:

  • Body - Use as an all over moisturizer that deeply nourishes and leaves skin feeling silky-soft. Apply as a rough-spot treatment for heels and elbows. Replenish heavily washed areas. 
  • Face - Use as a light feeling, richly nourishing facial moisturizer and restorative cleanser.
  • Hair - Use as a softening conditioner, overnight treatment, and for luscious curl styling. 

Super Sweet & 100% Natural

The sugoi sweet scents in this sprayable body oil are inspired by the Japanese soda Ramune bringing a Y2K era K-Pop vibe. Imagine an orange cream popsicle, or a vanilla orange cupcake and you'll be near what we've bottled in Galaxy Gandy. While most sweet-as-candy scents are packed with artificial ingredients we took a stand to make a hyper-sweet candy inspired scent and do it 100% naturally.

Indulge Your Senses

Seriously, it just smells completely amazing, and you'll probably end up using it at times for the scent alone. It's like an indulgent dessert for your nostrils. Treat yourself to the velvety-smooth feeling and vanilla orange tootsie roll scent; You will find yourself looking forward to your well-deserved moments of self-care with Galaxy Candy each day. 

How To Use it

Shake before using as natural vanilla will sink to the bottom.Spray anywhere onto the body as needed, and gently massage until absorbed into the skin.

For use on body, face, or hair.