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A Truly All-in-One Moisturizer

The carefully selected 100% natural ingredients in 6-in-1 allow it to be used to great effect for multiple vital forms of self-care.

  • Face - Our oils deeply cleanse your skin picking up and carrying away the dirt, makeup, and debris without stripping your skin of its natural healthy protective layers and good bacteria. Use as a light and smooth feeling, richly nourishing facial moisturizer.
  • Body - Use as an all over moisturizer that nourishes your skin leaving it feeling silky-soft. Help to restore balance to your heavily washed areas. Can be safely used as a yoni oil to cleanse and moisturize without disrupting your natural flora.
  • Hair - Use for conditioning, overnight treatment, and for luscious curl styling. 

Safe and Effective for All Skin Types

The bright orange scented citrus essential oils provide vitamin C conditioning treatment, antioxidant, and antimicrobial support. That in combination with our select oil blend makes this product gentle yet potent enough for a wide breadth of skin types and concerns. Be sure to use sunscreen during outdoor adventures when regularly using this product