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Alcohol Free and TRULY Filler Free

Cosmic Body Skin Mists are water based with zero artificial ingredients. Even most products that claim to be natural contain fillers and harsh drying agents that just aren't good for regular use on your skin- well not us. Each ingredient serves a distinct purpose.

Ideal for Acne Prone & Oily Skin

The blend of essential oils in High Vibrations has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, generally anti-acne properties that make it a good option for those with skin concerns including acne and oily skin.

Refresh, Uplift, and Brighten

High Vibrations features essential oils like peppermint, myrhh, and lemon peel that serve to brighten your skin, can help uplift your mood, and refresh your mental state. Take a deep breath and a moment of mindfulness. You're worth it.

Purify Your Personal Space

Unlike artificial room sprays and chemical based mists that just add artificial fragrance to the air, Cosmic Body Skin Mists are purely water based. Much like the rain purifies the air in nature this mist purifies the air surrounding you.

Idaho Grown Peppermint

The peppermint we distill our oil from is grown locally and purchased directly from Harris Family Farm in east Boise Idaho.