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Eliminate Impurities Without Harsh Chemicals 

A mildly sweet and minty blend of rosemary, cinnamon, and peppermint does more than freshen your breath. Swish it through your teeth for a few minutes to kill off negative bacteria in a targeted manner without disrupting your mouths natural biome with alcohol and harsh chemicals which kill good bacteria along with the bad. 

Use in Place of Mouthwash, Toothpaste, or Gum

An oil pulling elixir like Vital Smile serves the same purpose as toothpaste and mouthwash without the alcohol and other chemicals that are unsafe making this a great option for kids. Put some on to your toothbrush before brushing, or swish it through your teeth as a mouthwash.

Improve Gum & Jaw Strength

Regular oil pulling is helpful for stimulating your gums improving their overall health and strength. It's also a great opportunity for strengthening your mouth and jaw muscles by using deliberate focused movement to pull the oil back and forth through your teeth.