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100% Truly Natural Vaginal Health

Synthetic ingredients are hormone disrupters. Most women find that Vital Woman stabilizes their natural flora as opposed to the yo-yo effect of using many other products with artificial ingredients.

Ease the Discomfort of Dryness

Our natural oil blend alleviates discomfort with a gentle but lasting hydrating effect. Use as an all over body oil. Wonderful for breast massage to stimulate the lymph system which supports both the immune system and the healthy balance of hormones. 

Highly Recommended by Midwives & Women in Professional Sex Education

Safe and effective through the ages of puberty, child-bearing, and menopause. We suggest that pregnant women use Vital Woman every day to create elasticity in the skin and prevent tearing of the perineum during childbirth.

Exotic Rose Meets Earthy Spice Market

Inspired by old traditional middle-eastern practices for midwifery. The beautiful blend of rose, neroli, cardamom and geraneum that make up Vital Women is a deeply soothing and flowery aroma that will take you away.

*Discontinue use if discomfort occurs. Not recommended as a lubricant. See our Real Sex Personal Lubricant, (new formula currently under development for release in 2021).