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Galaxy Candy Sprayable Face, Body & Hair Oil

  • 100% natural, sweet-as-candy body oil
  • Smells like an orange cream popsicle (seriously, it smells delicious).
  • Can be sprayed directly on the body, or used on the hair and face.  
  • Feels light and soft on your skin. 
  • Leaves skin feeling clean, nourished, and silky smooth.
  • Has an intoxicating bright, sweet, and uplifting aroma. Without being saccharine. 

Shake before use! This oil contains natural vanilla oleoresins which will separate and sink to the bottom of the bottle. Shake them up to see the swirling galaxy inside.


jojoba (simmondsia chinensis) oil, sweet almond (prunus Amygdalus Dulcis) Oil, Vanilla Bean (Planifolia) Oleoresin, Sweet Orange (Citrus Sinensis) Essential Oil


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
hello new perfume

I had no intentions to use this how I use it now. When I had first applied this my husband smiled and said this smells like the perfume you wore when we first started dating( a cheap Walmart brand, Walmart changed the formula. so I had no longer purchased it.) I absolutely love this, I have pretty sensitive skin and alot oflotions and perfumes gives me a small rash. This does not give me any rashes, smells amazing, and I know its not laden with chemicals. my daughter loves to watch me put this one and she always asks if she can wear mommy's lotion.(that is what she calls it.)


I out this on after i shower everyday. While in the sauna my friend commented that it smelled like ice cream in the gym sauna. She said my sweat amelled delicious 😋 🥰

Miracle in a bottle

My 71 year old mother has really bad edema and dry skin, she used this once and it brought tears to her eyes with how much relief it brought to her skin. It even brought down her swelling. Bought two bottles! Beautiful smell, wonderful light oil, it doesn’t leave skin sticky or super oily. Leaves it just right. Everyone in my family uses this oil. Never had a bad reaction or a breakout with it. Wonderful for all types of skin. Thank you so much for this creation!!

Yummy and multi use

Obsessed is one way to describe how I feel about this oil. I love the smell first off. At first I was using it to add glow to my body and then I started using it as makeup remover. Then I started using it for my hair. I really like the spray bottle it comes with, makes it super easy to apply.

Janice B
What doesn't this do!?

We are absolutely obsessed with this stuff. Nothing moisturizes your body quite like this. I've tried oils to moisturize before, but this actually sinks into your skin and works underneath instead of just sitting on top. It smells absolutely AMAZING. We use it on our legs, arms, face, hair - everywhere. Speaking of using it on your face, this stuff has helped dark spots, blemishes, and acne scarring REAL quick. my skin has never felt or looked better.