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Hair & Face Bundle

This duo includes:

Fortifying Hair & Scalp Oil - 3.9oz/110g

Your hair and scalp are waiting for this nourishment. This 4-in-1 formula can:

  • Reduce breakage thanks to amla & nettle oils, causing the hair to grow longer and thicker with time and consistent use 
  • Soothe dry scalp through light application every few days directly to the scalp 
  • Be used as a light or heavy  overnight mask to deeply condition & hydrate hair
  • Be used as a heat protectant during heat styling 
  • Restores shine when used as a styling agent

This formula was designed to assist with all hair types. Those with thick or textured hair may need to use more, whereas those with thin or fine hair may need to use less.

Cleansing Oil & Moisturizer - 3.9oz/110g

This miraculous oil takes the place of numerous beauty productsIt can: 

  • Cleanse the skin using the Oil Cleansing Method. 
  • Remove dirt, sweat, makeup and other debris without the need for harsh cleansers
  • Be used as a nightly hydrating moisturizer
  • Can be used in place of most creams and serums
  • Be used as a makeup primer, readying the skin and creating a clean, ingredients based barrier between the skin and makeup. Implementing a dewy glow under foundation without greasy residue
  • Serve as a natural solution for all skin types, including sensitive, dry, oily and combination skin