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Longer & Stronger Hair & Scalp Oil

Fortifying Hair & Scalp Oil - 3.9oz/110g

Your hair and scalp are waiting for this nourishment. This 4-in-1 formula can:

  • Reduce breakage thanks to amla & nettle oils, causing the hair togrow longer and thicker with time and consistent use 
  • Soothe dry scalpthrough light application every few days directly to the scalp 
  • Be used as a light or heavy overnight mask to deeply condition & hydrate hair
  • Be used as aheat protectant during heat styling 
  • Restores shine when used as a styling agent

This formula was designed to assist with all hair types. Those with thick or textured hair may need to use more, whereas those with thin or fine hair may need to use less.

Everything Inside

★ Jojoba Seed Oil ★ Pumpkin Seed Oil ★ Carrot Seed Oil ★ Nettle Extract ★ Amla Fruit Extract ★ Rosemary Leaf Extract ★ Vetiver Root Oil ★ Lime Peel Oil ★ Lemon Peel Oil ★

Protects Replenishes & Stimulates the Scalp

Amla extract, jojoba, and pumpkin seed oils give your hair a silky soft feel. While Rosemary, lime, & lemon essential oils cleanse your hair and scalp without stripping your natural protective layers. Gentle, yet potent enough for those with scalp psoriasis and scalp acne.

TRULY 100% Natural With NO Fillers

Even many products that claim to be natural use low-quality vegetable oils, petroleum based fillers, and artificial fragrances. We hold ourselves to a high standard by including only high-quality 100% natural ingredients that serve a direct purpose.

Deep Cleansing & Treatment

Use as a hair and scalp treatment for an hour or overnight for softer hair and healthier scalp. No caking or debris. Oils attract dirt, gunk and dandruff and carry it away when you wash. Use a small amount as a heat protectant, and restore shine as a styling agent. Those with thin hair will want to be sure to use less, while those with thicker hair will want to use a bit more.

Nourishes Your Natural Micro-Biome

Jojoba oil is absorbed into your hair and scalp adding high-chain fatty acids to your natural micro-biome. The active blend of rosemary, lemon, lime, & vetiver provide a natural anti-fungal clean with a nutty earthy scent. You can smell the medicinal properties.

How To Use It

Massage into scalp and through the hair to the tips. Apply before washing hair, or leave on overnight. To use as a hot oil, apply enough oil to coat hair and wrap head in damp, warm towel.

For a glossy shine or to smooth frizz, work one pump at a time through hair using fingers.


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