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Longer & Stronger Hair & Scalp Oil

Fortifying Hair & Scalp Oil

The true plant-based nourishment your hair and scalp are craving!


Benefits and ways to use:

  • Reduce breakage, grow hair longer, and thicker
  • Soothe and heal dry scalp
  • Overnight mask to deeply condition & hydrate hair
  • A heat protectant for heat styling
  • Restore shine when used as a styling agent


This formula was designed for all hair types. Thicker more textured hair may require more, while thin or fine hair may require less. 100% natural high-quality ingredients only.


Jojoba (Simmondsia Chinensis) Seed Oil, Pumpkin Seed (Cucurbita Pepo) Oil, Carrot Seed (Daucus Carota Stavia) Oil, Nettle (Urtica Diolca) Extract, Amla (Emblica Officinalis) Fruit Extract, Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis) Leaf Extract, Spikenard (Nardostachys Jatamansi) Oil, Vetiver (Vetivera Zizanoldes) Root Oil, Lime Peel (Citrus) Aurantifolia) Oil, Lemon Peel (Citrus Medica Limonum) Oil

How to Use

Massage into scalp and through the hair to the tips. Apply before washing hair, or leave on overnight. To use as a hot oil, apply enough oil to coat hair and wrap head in damp, warm towel.

For a glossy shine or to smooth frizz, work one pump at a time through hair using fingers.


3.9 fl oz / 110 g

Also available in a mini size! (1.95 lf oz / 55.5g)

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Amazing stuff! Really works on all hair types!

Hair Care Essential

I have thick hair and during the winter it tends to dry out. I wanted to find an oil that didn’t have any synthetic ingredients added and that was clean. This one is it! And I love the smell. I’ve been using it for 2 years now and my hair has grown beautifully. My hair stays moisturized, shiny, and protected by the heat with this oil. Also great for scalp care!

The best my hair has ever been!

I started using this oil two years ago and to this day my hair is shiny, but light and really curl defined. My scalp is so much happier and I always look forward to the smell it leaves. Literally would die without this oil. I gifted my friend one and her tight lock curls have never been so easy to manage she said! 100/100 would recommend this oil to everyone.

Joey Anderson
Replace that chemical serum with this natural magic!

I’ve been using a vegan and cruelty free serum for my hair - and only recently did I check the ingredients! 20+ things I’ve never heard of before! This was the catalyst for me ordering a bunch of stuff from CB and replacing my products with sustainable and natural stuff for my hair, skin and body!

I have naturally oily hair so it seems strange to say that this has helped with that, but the whole reason my hair was oily was because I was stripping it so much when I was cleaning it! Now I use the scalp and hair oil my washing days are further apart and my hair smells and looks magic!!

I had a trim last week and my hair lady immediately asked what I was using because it smells so divine!

Here in Italy I get pretty dry scalp too, so once a week I give myself a treatment and really massage it in..... sorts it riight out!

Can’t recommend it enough! Use it as a serum for your ends after you style? A tiny bit emulsified in your palms for fly always? Or a deep hair and scalp treatment, it’s the best products all rolled into one! And it’s NATURAL!

But it!

Catherine Wheaton
Revival of the locks!

Longer and Stronger revived my dry, porous, exhausted hair strands. Between a heavy highlight and hard water, my hair was feeling brittle and I thought that I would have to chop it all and wait for it to grow out. I cleansed with ACV and then partially dried my hair before applying the oil and putting it in a shower cap to let the heat of my scalp boost absorption. After a few cleanses and oil treatments, my hair was back to feeling light and bouncy again!
Now I use just a few pumps on my fingertips and apply directly to my scalp and it keeps away all flakyness and makes my hair look and feel so healthy! Just don't use too much, especially on fine hair, it can definitely get a little *too* oily but you'll get the hang of it!