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Sensitive Human Cleansing Oil + Moisturizer

Inconvenienced by chronic skin challenges or are sensitive to most products? Introducing Sensitive Human, Cosmic Body’snewestsolution for those who struggle with various skin sensitivities and acne. Along with skin cleansing, this 100% natural oil serves many uses that are guaranteed to nourish your skin with only 2 simple ingredients -- a jojoba oil base and a subtle note of vanilla bean. 


Jojoba (Simmondsia Chinensis) Oil, Vanilla (Plantifolia) Bean.

Size:3.9 fl oz / 110 g -- About 2 months of once daily heavy daily use (removing makeup) 

How to Use

We recommend oil cleansing nightly. 

★ Massage 2-4 pumps (or as needed) of oil all over your face.It is recommended to massage oil into the skin for at least 60 sec. 

★ Wipe off with a warm, damp washcloth 

We recommend repeating steps 1-2 in order to remove all traces of makeup and dirt, in order to achieve a deep, nourishing clean. 

And, voila! Your skin should instantly feel soft, nourished and ready for bed. Within a week of oil cleansing, your skin should feel and look noticeably clearer, softer and smoother. 

What’s Oil Cleansing?

Oil cleansing is one of the best kept and long practiced beauty secrets because of its many benefits for the skin. You can finally say goodbye to dry, and acne-prone skin because of jojoba oil’s miraculousanti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antimicrobialproperties. Who knew something so simple and natural could be so fulfilling! 

Unlike your traditional surfactant cleanser, oil cleansing is much different not only in composition but in the mostcosmicof ways! Detergent based cleansers are the main type of cleanser on the market, yet they are a problem. The skin’s natural oils are stripped -- confusing the skin and causing sebum overproduction which results in acne. 

Even better, Sensitive Human can also be used inplace of a number of other beauty productsas it addresses more than just acne. It can: 

  • Be used as a hydratingmoisturizer 
  • Be used as aserum 
  • Be used as amakeup primer 
  • Be used as anourishing hair treatment 
  • Be used as ayoni oil 
  • Serve as a multi-functional and natural solution forall skin types(dry, oily & combination, sensitive, mature, etc. 


Customer Reviews

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This oil healed my peeling skin

I absolutely love this oil! My upper lip had skin peeling due to waxing recently and the dry weather. I applied this oil to cleanse and remove makeup, and applied it at night. I applied again in the morning to hydrate before makeup. After three applications my skin was revived and refreshed. The peeling was gone and I’m beyond grateful for the skin renewal. I highly recommend this oil to everyone!