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An Introduction to Oil Pulling

When glancing upon our website, you may have come across our Vital Smile Tooth & Gum Elixir. You may have also wondered what exactly oil pulling is and how it works considering the fact that it is not a commonly marketed product or shared practice in the beauty and hygiene industry. Rest assured, we will dedicate this article to educating you on the basics from the miraculous practice of oil pulling!

Oil Pulling and its Origins

Oil pulling is an oral health remedy derived from Ayurvedic medicine. “Ayurveda” refers to a holistic and alternative medicine system from ancient Indian origins. This system focuses on thepreventionof health-related issues and goes deep into addressing the underlying root-causes of what result in these issues in the first place. Whereas traditionally in our modern culture, we have been accustomed to looking at a list of symptoms, and going from there -- often resulting in temporary relief but with the risk of issue recurrence. Though Ayurvedic techniques are thousands of years old, they are still widely practiced and trusted by many today. Oil pulling uses the many natural benefits of coconut oil to nourish and cleanse the tissues inside of your mouth; bringing you healthy gums, fresher breath and whiter teeth.Oil pulling is very detoxifying and the act of swishing oil around your mouth will pull out the toxins and impurities in your oral microbiome; all while healing gums, fighting against decay and oral-related pathogens beyond. The practice has also been said to relieve sinuses, headaches and toothaches. Because of oil’s higher viscosity than mouthwash, it also strengthens the jaw and mouth muscles and reduces tension. Whereas with traditional mouthwash, people do a quick rinse for a few seconds and call it good without gaining any lasting benefit. 

Benefits & How to Oil Pull

We recommend using our Vital Smile Tooth & Gum Elixir for best oil pulling practices. Our oil elixir is completely natural and free of artificial fillers and harsh chemicals compared to mainstream mouthwash counterparts. Most mouthwashes on the market are alcohol-based and contain other harsh ingredients that can harm the oral microbiome and kill off a large amount of healthy bacteria in the mouth. Many mouthwash brands typically make the claim that it “Kills 99% of Germs”. Yikes! While that sounds like the cure-all solution to bad breath, it can also be assumed that it’s not that great for oral hygiene and overall health. Using alcohol-based mouthwashes not only kills a significant amount of good bacteria, but the mouth becomes dried out; creating an environment for bad breath causing microorganisms to thrive and fester. Thankfully, oil pulling is very moisturizing for the oral microbiome as it limits the growth of bad breath causing bacteria. Maintaining healthy bacteria in the mouth is essential for your overall health as this bacteria coexists with the rest of the bacteria population in the body which is greatly responsible for daily healthy function. 

All that’s inside of our unique formula is Coconut Oil, Peppermint Oil, Cinnamon Leaf Extract, Rosemary Leaf Extract and Clove Flower Oil. This blend not only effectively kills bad bacteria and pulls impurities, but it also freshens breath the natural and right way! People usually oil pull with spoonfuls of raw coconut oil at home but don’t get the same efficiency and ease by using our pump bottle much less the same sense of added freshness with peppermint, cinnamon, and clove.These oils not only provide a clean and refreshing taste, but they are known for their antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Here are the 3 simple steps for oil pulling with Vital Smile:

  • Use 2-5 pumps of oil into the mouth (or use desired amount without taking up all the space in your mouth as your amount of saliva will naturally increase as you swish)
  • Swish around for 2-20 minutes; the longer, the better! While it may seem like a long time, it’ll feel easier once you simultaneously occupy yourself with everyday tasks like taking a shower, reading a book or folding laundry!
  • Spit out the oil into a trash can. It isnot recommended to swallow (you don’t want the toxins you are pulling out to go back into your body) or spit into a sink because overtime, this may clog your drain

And DONE! We recommend making oil pulling a part of your everyday, or even weekly routine. You will already notice a difference in how great your mouth feels after just one use. Overtime, halitosis should no longer be an issue, your mouth will be healthier, jaw will be stronger, and teeth will be bright & white!

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