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Dry Skin? Here's How to Fix It

Dry skin. It’s a familiar struggle we all have encountered. It can be uncomfortable while making skin feel tight, rough, and itchy, and can sometimes lead to skin aging. Though there are many underlying causes as to why dry skin occurs, we’ll cover some of the basics surrounding dry skin and what you can do to properly manage and restore your skin to its well-deserved health and moisture.

What causes dry skin?

While there are many contributing factors responsible for dry skin both internal and external, here are some of the most common causes of skin moisture loss.


Living in low-humidity or dry climates, especially during colder seasons like fall and winter, will naturally dry out your skin more quickly. It’s inevitable! Luckily, there are ways around it. Try investing in a humidifier and cleanse your skin with a gentle cleanser or oil-based cleanser like Cosmic Body’s Sensitive Human.

Diet/Vitamin Deficiency 

A diet that lacks essential nutrients like Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K among others can impact your skin and overall health. With the skin being the body’s largest organ, it is imperative to incorporate nutrients into our everyday lives. To start, try taking an everyday supplement while making small changes to your diet with wholesome foods.

Over cleansing 

It’s a no-brainer. Too much cleansing can strip the skin's natural lipids and oil barrier. We recommended splashing the face with cold or lukewarm water in the morning followed by cleansing at night when the day is over. Your beautiful skin deserves to be treated gently! The overwhelming majority of cleansers on the market are made with alcohol and other drying ingredients. It is important to consider ingredients the next time you shop, while also choosing a cleanser that is right for your skin type. 

Using Makeup Wipes  

Makeup wipes can cause dry skin as they contain various alcohols and harmful chemicals which can result in irritation and an imbalance in the pH of your skin. The practice of oil-cleansing works wonders for removing makeup and deeply cleansing the skin. It feels great too!

Over Exfoliation

You may be over-exfoliating. Our skin naturally exfoliates itself, so it is best to be mindful of how often you are exfoliating. It is recommended to exfoliate 1-3x a week. Over exfoliating can be over-drying to the skin resulting in dry patches and discoloration. When the surface of the skin becomes too dried out, it will start over-producing oil which can sometimes lead to acne!

Over-bathing/Using Hot Water 

Taking long, hot showers are not good for your skin! Try showering less longer and moisturizing afterward; it will help the skin better absorb moisture. We recommend using Galaxy Candy or Lavender Lemon Oasis Coconut Skin Melt  – these are both super softening for the skin. Set aside time to bathe in oatmeal or milk baths which are also great for keeping skin moisturized.

How can I restore the moisture of my skin?

It begins from within. Drink water! Be sure to drink at least 6 glasses of water a day. Try making it a habit to start your day by drinking hot water with lemon. Plenty of existing research suggests that drinking lemon water has tremendous health effects on your body and skin quality. Drinking water will hydrate your body’s cells and in turn, will leave your skin looking more hydrated and supple. Topically, you can always use a good moisturizer (look for products with humectant or emollient properties) to keep your skin looking and feeling soft. With so many choices on the market, we’ll make it simple for you by recommending our products!

What products do I use for my dry skin?

Cosmic Body Sensitive Human - A gentle cleansing oil and moisturizer with only 2 simple ingredients: Jojoba Oil and Vanilla Bean.

Cosmic Body’s 6-in-1 Miracle Cleansing Oil and Moisturizer - Our best selling all-in-one skin care solution for all skin types made with only 7 ingredients.

Cosmic Body Galaxy Candy - This sprayable sweet-as-candy body oil leaves your skin ultra soft with Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Vanilla Bean Oleoresin, and Sweet Orange Essential oil.

Cosmic Body Lavender Lemon Oasis Coconut Skin Melt - A 100% natural lotion alternative, watch this intensely rich cocoa butter and coconut oil body moisturizer melt right into your skin. 

Cosmic Body Everything for Everyone Face & Body Balm - The name speaks for itself. This buttery balm stick can be used on face and body! 

Cosmic Body believes in 100% natural and sustainable ingredients using wholesome oils. The products listed above are all miraculous cosmic wonders for keeping the skin looking healthy and glowing all year long. Check them out! They are all moisture-packed must-haves that serve all skin types well. The majority of our products contain a jojoba oil base, which in itself is incredibly moisturizing for the skin with its nutrient-dense components of Vitamin A, E, and Omega-6 fatty acids.

What can I do to prevent dry skin?

One of the best ways to manage and treat dry skin is to pay attention to the habits of your everyday lifestyle routines. Do you find yourself cleansing your skin too much? It’s a sign your skin needs a break and needs a little more gentle loving. Give oil cleansing a try and you won't regret it. Many of our customers who made the transition from traditional soap cleansing to oil cleansing haven’t looked back! Using gentle products, drinking ample amounts of water, and having a well-balanced diet are some of the best ways to prevent dry skin.

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