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Cultivating a Harmonious At-Home Workspace

Many of us have moved from our office to our homes to work in the past few weeks. Part of this transition has included learning new ways to work at home. Granted, everyone’s situation is different, some of us have more distractions than others (i.e children or parents). With all of that being said, there are some tried and true ideas for how to bring about more harmony into your new home workspace. 

Be deliberate with how you use your space

When working from home, distraction is to be expected. To help combat this, set up your home office environment with the intention of spending time there to work, journal, write, create, etc. Stretch, get dressed and show up at your designated home workspace the same way you would if you were at work.

Although not all of us have this luxury, try not to eat, watch TV, where you work. Designate your workspace for work. This can help establish a boundary in the home. It’s similar to the philosophy that the bed is for sleeping and sex only. Being deliberate with how you use your space can ultimately provide you with a better feeling of control and separation when working from home.

Spruce up your space with plants

Several studies have shown the transformative of plants in interior spaces. Theyreduce stress,improve air quality, and can even boost mood levels! Rearrange your houseplants, move one onto your desk or near your new workspace.  

Take in the sunshine if possible

Not all of us have the good fortune to have natural light filling our space. For those that do, if possible, move your workspace into a space that gets natural light. Our time outside is limited right now, so it’s more important now more than ever to soak up as much Vitamin D as possible. If you can set up your desk by a window, you’ll be better off for it! If not, just remember to take your normal lunch break with a quick walk around the block (again, if possible!). If you have a backyard, try getting outside at least an hour a day to get as much soluble Vitamin D as possible. If you don’t, even just sticking your head outside the window for ten minutes is better than nothing. Studies show Vitamin D significantly increases immunity and ability to fight off illness. 

Reset the mood with a spritz

When things are getting to be too much, and you just need a quick reset, spritz your space withCosmic Body High Vibrations. This multi-purpose face mist is infused with pure essential oils of peppermint, lavender, murre, and lemon. Great for not only for toning the face, but renewing the energy of any space. A great way for a quick pick-me-up without having to go out!

One more thing…

We are all navigating this new reality as best we can. Distractions are normal. Feeling uncertain and unfocused is normal. Trust you are doing the best you can during this time. We’re going to get through this.

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