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Cyberpop Ultra Event

The Cosmic Body team has been busily working on some really exciting things lately. Earlier this month on Oct. 8th, we hosted our Cyberpop Ultra Event at Chateau des Fleurs (our sister company across the way from our factory grounds). This event served as an official launch party for Cosmic Body’s newest products; Drops of Neptune, Sensitive Human, our new and improved Clean & Sheen formula, and all of our new lip balms and respective trio sets; Liptaku, Futuristic Femmes, and Queen collections!

We had such a blast bringing the community together; having the most cosmic of celebrations while unveiling our new products. In fact, over 140 people showed up throughout the night to celebrate our “space” launch with us!

The theme of the night encapsulated all things futuristic and space. An array of costumes were seen throughout the night that mimicked dystopian, cyberpunk, extraterrestrial, and space-like entities. Given our brand name, we really wanted to immerse all of our guests into what would be imagined as “the cosmic body universe”!

It was a family-friendly event with a live DJ playing electronic dance music all night long. We also had purple down-lighting, and great food! The waiters passing out our hors d’oeuvres even wore TRON inspired LED glasses -- adding the perfect touch of futuristic fun. Here is a sampling of some the spectacular photos we had from the night:


We would like to thank everyone who came out for Cyberpop Ultra; we loved seeing all of your fanciful costumes! We’d also like to give another special thanks to all of our great customers who help make our visions a reality. You guys are out of this world!

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December 08, 2021

A fun night! Thanks for having us! Could I possibly get a download of our family photo? Thanks so much!

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