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7 Out of This World Halloween Makeup Ideas for 2019

Cosmic-Inspired Makeup Lewks to Stun in 2019

Halloween is just around the corner, and at this point in time, there are two types of people: (1) Ones who have been planning this year’s costume for months and you know that it’s going to be lit (2) Ones who’re scrambling for a last minute idea. If you’re the latter, have no fear, because these seven gorgeous Halloween makeup tutorials will give you all the inspiration you need this year to be a cosmic queen this Halloween.

1) Be Magic, Black Girl Magic

Source image, Ronkeraji’s Instagram

Cast a spell on everyone and be literal magic this year. Ronkeraji’s self-described Black Girl Magic look is beautiful and easy to follow. A look that speaks to the beauty of black women, this is a great conversation starter. You’ll be sure to stand out with this look at any gathering. For the full makeup tutorial, click here to watch Ronkeraji do her thing!


2) Go Greek and Go as Medusa

Go as Medusa, themisunderstood mythological Greek gorgon. Grab a robe, dress, or cape in black or green. Get as creative as you want with the infamous snake hair and buy a premade headpiece, or make it! If you’re feeling like forgoing the headpiece, make your hair look snake-like with thistutorial

Finish the look with this gorgeous makeup tutorial as seen above. It may look complex, but it’s fairly simple. If you don’t have time to get all the costume elements you want, don’t worry, it’s all about the makeup anyway. Check out Melly Sanchez’s full Medusa makeup tutorial here!


3) Go All Out with this Extreme Anime Look!

Image source Nikkie Tutorials Instagram

Up for a challenge? Love anime and out of this world looks? This is one’s is for you! This tutorial is definitely one for those willing to invest a decent chunk of time into their look, but the results are dynamite! What’s even better is that you can use this tutorial to easily transform into other anime characters with a change of eyeshadow, wig, or costume! Watch the full tutorial here!


4) Be a Daughter of the Moon

A cosmic-themed costume for sure, go as a moonchild this year for All Hallows Eve. You’ll shine bright like a diamond in this look because it requires a lot of highlighter and a little bit of body paint. An intermediate tutorial, this look gives you the freedom to apply as many or as little stars as you see fit. Watch Nikki French’s full moonchild tutorial here and get ready to be a star!


5) Channel your Inner Alien Priestess

Source image Klaire de Lys 

Be extra(terrestrial)! Leave earth behind with a look that’s out of this world. It’s almost a guarantee that you’ll be the only one at the party with this look. An intermediate level tutorial, you’ll need some face or body paint in your favorite cosmic colors. With a standout look like this, you’ll be sure to change the atmosphere of any room. Watch Klaire de Lys tutorial here!


6) Be One With Nature and Go as Air

Easy, breezy, and beautiful. This avant-garde take on the element air is easy to achieve with this tutorial. To really turn heads, we recommend adding a white wig to be extragustyghosty. No time to buy a wig? Use body paint. It washes out easily. Watch Kristi’s air makeup tutorialhere and be prepared to blow everyone’s minds!


7) Have a Fire Look and Go As a Phoenix 

Image source Jordan Hanz Instagram

Be blazing and spice up the party by bringing the fire. Inspired by Greek mythology, this smoldering look is a showstopper. Be warned, it is more technical, and requires face/body paint if you want to achieve the feathered neck look as shown above. This look is so gorgeous, the rest of your costume can be as mellow or as complex as you wish to make it!

Watch Jordan Hanz’s full tutorial here and spark awe on the faces of fellow party goers!


After the Celebrations 

Be sure to wash off all of your makeup before going to bed! We recommend using outr 6 in 1 Miracle as both a makeup remover and moisturizer. This all natural formula effectively removes makeup while staying gentle on the skin. Happy Halloween! until next year, witches!

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