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Complete Holiday Gift Guide - Something for Everyone!

It’s that time of the year again! Still struggling to cross off your holiday shopping list? We’ve searched far and wide to bring you a holiday gift guide that’s sure to help you find the perfect present. 

For the Spiritually-Inclined:

The Moon Juice Cookbook

Moon Juice

The perfect gift for someone who loves conscious cooking!The Moon Juice Cookbook includes recipes for juices, different kinds of milk, fermented foods and more. All designed to boost health, improve skin, increase libido, and so much more!

Homemade Smudge Sticks

Hello Glow

We believe in the power of transmuting negative energy in a space with smudging. We also know that buying and burning white sage and palo santo is not sustainable, and poorly affects indigenous cultures, (more on thathere). Gifting someone with a homemade smudge stick is sustainable and thoughtful. Check out this DIY smudge stick tutorialhere

For Environmentally Conscious Skincare Lovers:

Cosmic Body Whole Shebang

Cosmic Body

Give them something they can use night and day all year long with the Cosmic BodyWhole Shebang! Natural, clean and effective products made to help you and our earth. These products are made with consciously sourced ingredients and come in glass packaging so it’s better you, and our mama.

The Whole Shabang gift set includes:

Agent Nateur Deodorant

Agent Nateur

We are major Agent Nateur fans here at Cosmic Body. This natural skin and beauty care company creates clean products with scientific backing. The signatureholi(stick) deodorant is perfect for men and women alike. The unisex deodorant is refreshing, natural and toxin-free, making for the perfect stocking stuffer!

Unicorn Snot Biodegradable Glitter Sunscreen

Unicorn Snot

Do you know the saying, “Not all that glitters is gold?” Well, that’s usually true with glitter because it’s often made with microplastics that harm the environment. However, the glitter in thisUnicorn Snot sunscreen is made with renewable plant starches, meaning this product is indeed, gold.

For Your Boo:


A Weekend Getaway with AirBnb

Memories last longer than material objects, so, take time away with your boo and explore a new place away from home by renting anAirBnB. Customize this gift to fit your relationship type. Are you two adventurous, homebodies or nature lovers? Whatever your preference, give the gift of rejuvenation through an Airbnb booking. 


The Love Duo from Cosmic Body

Cosmic Body

Cosmic Body’sLove Duo is the perfect gift for anyone looking to throw a little spice into their night or daytime routine. TheFlower of Love skin mist is both refreshing and sensual with the romantic hints of rosewater. TheVital Woman serum is perfect for fine tissue massage and is designed to help prevent dryness down where you don’t want it (remember, it’s not a lube!). 

For the Fashion Lovers:

The Rihanna Book

Rihanna Instagram

Everyone knows we are HUGERihanna fans at Cosmic Body. For those who are just as obsessed with RiRi as we are, grace them with this glorious, 500 plus pageRihanna Book. With over 1,000 images of Rihanna’s iconic looks, it’s the perfect source of inspo for daring looks.


Discount Universe The Crucifixion Chain Bag

Discount Universe

Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t mean the energy vampires have gone into hiding. Fend them off with this rosary-likeDiscount Universe bag. It’s both a wallet and a glam statement, perfect for someone who loves a bold look. (P.S. all sequins are applied by hand!)


Manrepeller Barrette


Repel anyone who drags you down with these cute AFManrepeller barrettes. Stylish and with shade options to match your wardrobe, these clips throw a little ‘tude into any outfit and make a statement.  

A Gift that Gives Back:


Heifer International 


Give a gift that keeps on giving withHeifer International. This nonprofit organization lets you purchase farm animals to be donated to families across the world. The farm animals serve as valuable sources of food, through meat, milk, eggs and more. Families learn economic independence through selling goods that are the by-products of their animals. Meaning that not only are you feeding a family with a donation, you’re encouraging economic independence and sustainable farming practices. 

For the Homebody:


Essential Oil Diffuser


Anoil diffuser is the perfect gift for any homebody looking for additional comforts. Oils can help to relax, energize or simply make a home feel more special. Who doesn’t want to make their home a little more homey? 


Bathtime Essentials Wine Holder

Uncommon Goods

No more precariously perching your stemware on the edge of your bath praying to the heavens your glass doesn’t slip. ThisEssentials Wine Holder will make bath time more relaxing by washing away those worries with the rest of the day’s woes. Gift this to someone who loves a bold red and lots of bubbles. 

For the Pet Lover:


Custom Pet Portraits


For some people, their pets are their children. So, what better than to gift them with a pet portrait? Check out the local artists in your area or shop onEtsy for artists specializing in pet portraits. Whether the pet parent in your life has a refined, funny or eclectic taste, rest assured you can find an artist perfect for capturing their fur baby’s likeness. 

For the Gamer in Your Life:

EVO 2020 Tickets


Surprise the gamer in your life withEVO 2020 tickets! Held in Las Vegas July 31-August 2, the Evolution Championship Series (EVO), is the longest running fighting game tournament in the world. Designed for both the competitive and relaxed gamer, EVO is a space where everyone can come together and enjoy themselves! 


Blue Light Canceling Glasses


Worried that your loved one’s eyes are getting too much screen time? Surprise them withblue light canceling glasses! Long periods of staring at a screen can lead to fatigue and blurry vision (no fun). Let your loved one know you care with a pair of these (cute!) glasses that will protect their eyes and help them to retain their energy. 

For the Avid Reader:

Book of the Month Subscription

Book of the Month

Know someone who loves reading, but don't know what book to get them? Give your book worm something to wiggle about withBook of the Month! It’s like BarkBox, but for books. You buy the subscription and your book fanatic can choose up to 3 books to read every month. 

One last note…

To make your gifts more environmentally friendly, we recommend shopping local, having the kids create DIY gifts, and supporting artists through sites like Etsy. The holidays are meant to be shared with the ones you love, so don’t forget to relax, take a deep breath and enjoy yourself this season! 

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